MEDA302 Research, and draft proposal

At this stage I haven’t ironed out exactly the road I want to go for the medium of my work, but I have identified some general themes that I am interested in pursuing.

The first things are the conceptual part of my work:
I’ve recently identified personally that I feel very isolated from the art industry of not only Sydney but even Wollongong as well. As an artist and among my peers, I am regularly unable to attend collaborations and ‘shoots’ with my peers which causes me to miss a lot of opportunity to work together and discuss ideas. While I’m not entirely isolated from Wollongong an hour of driving or 1.5 hour train trip to get to a location to work with alongside my peers is a lot of time to sacrifice particularly when you consider the fact that this time is doubled to make the return trip. (2 hours driving, 3 hours train).
This is then doubled once more if I’m instead travelling to Sydney from my home in Nowra.
With this personal issue identified it got me thinking, how I can portray this feeling of isolation from my peers and the city.

A few things that stand out to me from this are:
The poor and slow public transport between Nowra and Kiama. (This is a growing concern from residents in Nowra with political appeals occurring yearly about this issue)

As well as this, I’ve identified an issue of general dissatisfaction with the amount of time lost while travelling via car, to Wollongong. This daily commute in which I find myself growingly bored, and dissatisfied because if I was located closer to Wollongong I could be spending the time doing practical things instead of simply travelling. This is another aspect I’m interested in potentially exploring conceptually.

After doing some research around the topic of regional artists, I wondered perhaps how other regional artists struggle with the issue of being geographically located regionally.

In an abc interview with regional art photographer Adam Marlow, Marlow explains how it’s difficult for him to find subjects to participate in. This is relatable to me in how I find it difficult to find people to collaborate with locally.

As well as this the interviewer points out how regional artists are often pigeonholed as a country cliché, which isn’t necessarily something I’ve experienced. I can relate to this point in a way that due to my strong Australian country accent and location in Nowra in my experience of meeting people from Sydney and even at times Wollongong there is a particular assumption about my level of education simply based on these factors of sounding like and being from a regional town.

As well as this, I read from the Australia council for the Arts that regionally based artists often have negative perceptions about the impact of their location on their practice and earn almost a third less than their city counterparts for their creative work.

These points are interesting as they add some validation to my interest in the challenges of working as a regional artist.


For my proposal at this point, I’m thinking of filming and taking photos around my town and then trying to experiment with the content in different ways to present the town under different mediums.

for example, film, photography, sound, videogame, sculpture, ect. Interview with Regional Art Photographer – Adam Marlow – Regional Australia Arts Research Summary

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