BCM300 Individual game initial ideas

Today in BCM300, we worked towards our own individual games, and quickly experimented by coming up with 10 ideas for games/themes within 10 minutes. While this was quite challenging these our the ideas I came up with:

A Monopoly Parody game, which makes fun of monopoly.

Horses with really long necks, who’s real name starts with G.

We’re not Televising that! (We’re not monetizing that!)

Is that a horse or a unicorn? No that’s a zebra

Is that art?

Bethoven’s last symphony (zombie survival game)

People vs cars

My dog is a police officer and I’ve committed a crime

Dinosaurs with no shoes


To quickly expand on some of these ideas ones which I’ve considered the mechanics for would include the monopoly parody game, is that art? And we’re not televising that.

In the monopoly parody game, (which still doesn’t have  proper title) the game would basically include many of monopoly’s key and notable mechanics like purchasing property around the board, and collecting 200 dollars when passing go, but this would affect the game in different ways than monopoly despite appearing the same. Because monopoly holds such a ‘monopoly’ on the board game making industry it’d be a powerful piece of parody and satire to make a game parodying and creating humour based on the monopoly board game.

As for ‘Is that art?’
This would be a game, played likely only by art students in which the game would be a serious discussion on objects ideas and attempting to convince other players of how their object is actually a form of art. This would be drawing a card from a deck and then convincing other people how the object or word on the card is actually a form of art. This is a form of satire, on how there is ever flourishing debate on what should be considered art.

The other game idea, which I focused on mostly in class was ‘We’re not televising that’
The title had some criticism from Christopher Moore, as the medium of television is dying and there would be a better alternative for the theme and title of my game.

This lead me to come up with, ‘We’re not monetizing that?’ a YouTube parody boardgame where one player is given three submissions (one for each of every other player) and then has to decided which one they will monetize. This is similar in concept and playstyle to cards against humanity and has aspects of creativity within it.

After coming up with this basic idea I also looked at the game through the lenses,
pleasure,  and status.

The game gives the players pleasure, by entertaining them from people’s ideas as well as the pleasure of being someone of higher status briefly than other players by getting to decide which idea is the winner. An interesting part of this game, is how each player gets a chance as the role of the decision maker for which idea gets monetized rotates around to each player. This allows that player to gain the pleasure from being of higher status than the other players, as well as the opportunity to use that status to decide the winner however they please.

Overall, though this game seems like it could be created as my individual game project, I think I’d like to consider and experiment with more ideas. Though having looked at most of my ideas, I think an interest of mine in creating my individual game would be a focus on humour, and catchy titles which attract players through the game’s wit and humour.


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