MEDA202 Prototype Reflection

After being influenced heavily by Ian Burns’ Glacial 2008 and the work of Callum Morton in his architectural reproduction works I found myself interested in working with false materials to reproduce aesthetics. Both these artists have a tendency to experiment with using obscure materials to attempt to produce a particular icon that the audience has experienced before and can recognize instantaneously, not initially realizing the falsity of the work. Burns’ for example creates a false cold ice environment, while Morton produces false architectural works. In my own work, using this concept of false material reproduction I attempted in my prototype to use computer fans and parts to create a flower bouquet sculpture. I also experimented with casting a spotlight on the sculpture casting the silhouette of the flower bouquet sculpture onto the wall.

The feedback I received for this work was that though the work as a concept seemed to trigger some curiosity from the viewer, it could be done on a grander scale. This meant that I could improve the work by having the actual sculpture of the work to be further developed, with a greater variety of materials and more focus on working to further develop the false aesthetic of the bouquet sculpture.

The audiences experience of my work seemed to be one of interest but not necessarily wonder, to further develop a sense of curiosity in the work I intend to move beyond the visual medium. As sculptures in themselves are very physical works this means I can experiment with other aspects in the work such as ‘smell,’ by adding a flowery smell to the work, it may implicate a greater falsity of there being a bouquet of flowers to the audience by them experiencing a smell of flowers.


I also intend to further develop my work, by placing the work behind a sheet, so it is initially not visible to the audience, only the silhouette of the work. By doing so initially the audience only experiences the shadow cast by the sculpture, and it is later revealed to them beyond the sheet that the shadow of a bouquet they see on the sheet is actually a false sculpture beyond.

As such the further work still to be done is to:

  • Create a better more real bouquet aesthetic with the computer part materials than already developed.
  • Decide on how the work will be experienced by the audience with the addition of a wall.
  • Research further into floral arrangements to enhance my understanding of how I can properly develop a bouquet aesthetic.
  • Search for a greater amount of computer materials to be used in the further developed version of the sculpture.

 – Blake Foggo

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