MEDA 201 Cameraless Film Project

Starting out to attempt to create this work was a difficult task for me, after researching the works of Harry Smith and Caroline Leaf I came to realise that their method of animation with analog film was a method I could not reproduce without the artistic talent that those filmmakers/animators possess.
This however did give me an idea of how I might be able to create a similar abstraction to create and aesthetic that was appealing to looks at even if it didn’t create the vision of actual lifelike objects that Leaf produces.
Therefore, in my work I instead aimed to create different aesthetics that linked with one another in a rhythm. Thinking about my own experience in music I create visual ‘motifs’ that although not always in perfect rhythm push against the maintained rhythm of their previous visual aesthetic.
To achieve mainly the aesthetics I sought in my work I used techniques of overlaying multiple cuts of the same part of the analog film over one another. Within the film there are also elements of chroma keying under circumstances where there isn’t an effective colour to key out which creates an interesting screen tearing aesthetic.  Overall I feel this film creates innovative aesthetics while also maintain at least an inclination towards rhythm by the consistent nature of the motifs within the film.