Evening. Spatial Portrait.
The original sound snapshot has a mysterious, thriller-like sound and this was the main inspiration in my photography. In this set I tried to capture a sense of danger through the lack of colour and the signage which outright describes what I envisioned after hearing the original piece. Within the photos I used techniques such as selective colour increase in contrast, raising levels of the dark colours intensity and lowering the high colours intensity and giving a sense of uneasiness as the photos’ colours are unnatural and therefore the area becomes foreign to the human eye through my photography. Further the photos are framed differently each time to give a sense of uniqueness and to enhance the natural shape of the objects by seeming to follow them. All the images focus on one object except the last which focuses widely expressing the world that extends beyond the small world of this area.

-Blake Foggo



tractored soccerafter editing the original imagest1998-0282

we went on to create a work that resembles and feels similar to the first work, by photo manipulation and a low angle shot, the adding of black and white change in exposure we created a work that tries to express and be the same work as the original.